Hangovers and Catch-Up (March 2nd, 2018, Columbia, Missouri)

Yesterday, I mostly played out an intensely pleasant Sonny Rollins hangover and caught up with some music I’d be hearing about but not hearing. And Marvel put some more flava in my ear, though I’d originally tasted it a while back.

Rollins Hangover:

“G-Man” (Ride the wild, folks!)

Night Music: “Who By Fire” (w/Leonard Cohen–is Rollins undermining the song’s grimness with that coda? Certainly possible.)

Tattoo You cameos (“Waiting on a Friend,” “Neighbors“) (The last time the Stones were charming?)

Playing Catch-Up:

Joe McPhee: In Finland (I’m a McPh(r)ee(k), and he’s at his finest–as are Matthew Shipp and Dominic Duval–in this live trio recording, where he engages in some witty inside quotations. Curious? Here’s an Apple Music playlist, since YouTube isn’t helpful.)

Rapsody: Laila’s Wisdom(More engaging than Black Panther–The Album.)

Car Seat Headrest: Twin Fantasy (Starts a mite slowly, finishes awful strong, inspires serious empathy, and extends obvious Richman influence through new vistas.)

JPEGMAFIA: Scalding, slot-mouthed social commentary with Dub Housing-like soundscapes in a hip-hop mode? Yes, please.

Marvel-ous Ideas, from Luke Cage:

I was introducing the Netflix series to Nicole when I was reminded of the great “Harlem’s Paradise” sequences (and forced to mourn some great ones passing again):

Raphael Saadiq

Charles Bradley

Sharon Jones

Also: Luke raisin’ some muhfukkin’ ruckus!

The series lost its musical thread somewhat as it went along, I think.

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