About Phil Overeem

Music monomaniac, retired English teacher, resident of Columbia, Missouri, former correspondent for ANOREXIC TEENAGE SEX GODS, READY TO SNAP, HITLIST, SUGARBUZZ, THE WAYBACK MACHINE, ROCK THERAPY, and THE FIRST CHURCH OF HOLY ROCK AND ROLL, co-lead singer of the non-legendary Wayne Coomers and the Original Sins of Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Photo below: l-r, Overeem, folk-funk inventor Bobby Rush, Nicole Overeem.)

Bobby Rush and Us


4 thoughts on “About Phil Overeem

    1. Chris…it is truly meaningful, moving, angering rock and roll. What a rarity, really, in today’s mud-tide of media. I am a bit younger than you–8 when Kent State happened–but it resonated with me so many ways. Also, on my Facebook page I noted that the power pop cuts were like dBs or Chilton had they been committed to more than just music. I plan on doing everything I can to get the word out. Plans for vinyl, at all? Just wondering for our only store here in Columbia, MO. What a finish to the record, too.

  1. again…wowwowwow. re: vinyl…well, i wonder if this project warrants it? i know plastic’s all the rage, it would have to be a double record so $$$, etc…dunno. i do have a “Just Songs” option available on bandcamp, thinking that hearing the narration every time would bore a listener. thanks so much for you interest and offer to spread the word. best/CButler

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