Almost Slim’s NOLA Trax: A History of Unsung NOLA R&B

Jeff “Almost Slim” Hannusch is New Orleans’ literary keeper of the R&B flame. He is so committed to it, he’s almost nuts, but if you are familiar with NOLA R&B…you can understand. Check out his books KEEP A-KNOCKIN’ and THE SOUL OF NEW ORLEANS R&B–they will keep you diggin’ in the crates.


Phil’s Faves: A Spotify Playlist That’ll Keep Your Ears on Their Toes

I don’t love Spotify; in fact, I think it’s run by cheapscates. But it’ll have to do for now–until I (or someone else) gets smarter. Here’s some rock, some blues, some country, some assorted tunes with crazy rhythms and wisdom from all over.


“I Want a F****ing Monument: A Jerry Lee Lewis Playlist that Justifies that Demand”

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