Cuban Dork-Out (March 3rd, 2018, Fulton, Missouri)

In order to get away from a big event crowd, Nicole and I had been planning today’s outing to Fulton all week, primarily to see Black Panther again (even better seen twice, folks) but also to explore local cuisine. A friend put us on to what turned out to be a very satisfying restaurant, The Fulton Café.

In anticipation of a good meal…I dorked out, preparing a massive playlist of Cuban music favorites for the 70-minute round-trip drive. Overkill: it is what I am. So, let the overflow, perhaps, serve you. Here was the lineup:

Armando Garzon

Celia Cruz

Pedrito Martinez



Fania All-Stars

Ibrahim Ferrer

As for The Fulton Café, I had an amazing medianoche sandwich and a café con leche. We shall return. There was no Cuban music playing there, though. In other music news, upon my second experience with Black Panther, I felt some interest growing in the score (I’m still merely whelmed by Mr. Lamar’s curated comp). In other food news, I discovered Jalapeño Fritos at a Kingdom City convenience store.

Short-shrift Division:

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns: Danceteria Deluxe–I will always love Joe and this band, and this rough and rowdy album livened up our morning.

Mount Eerie: A Crow Looked at Me–This sublimely titled and heartbreaking meditation on freshly-suffered loss arrived on our doorstep in the afternoon and was not placed on the turntable. It should only be played after careful consideration and in a state of relative emotional stability–it is a magnificent, unique, painful, and disturbing creation.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Dork-Out (March 3rd, 2018, Fulton, Missouri)

    1. Very funny. They serve a mix of conventional cuisine and that of Cuba—the country! Thanks for reading; I hyperlinked the Café’s menu to its name.

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