March 8 – 31: 10 a Month’s a Trickle

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The sound-spigot seems to be a mite clogged. I’m just happy for reissues and Africa right now. If I could advise y’all to do anything, it would be to check out Strut’s ongoing reissue of Black Fire’s catalog. See ya next month!

  1. Julius Hemphill: The Boyé Multinational Crusade for Harmony
  2. JuJu: Live at 131 Prince Street
  3. Peter Stampfel: Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century in 100 Songs
  4. Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Down in the Rust Bucket
  5. R.A.P. Ferreira: Bob’s Son
  6. Dax Pierson: Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Satisfaction)
  7. Julien Baker: Little Oblivions
  8. Various Artists: Allen Ginsberg’s The Fall of America–A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute
  9. Yvette Janine Jackson: Freedom
  10. Nermin Niazi: Disco Se Aagay
  11. Various Artists: Indaba Is
  12. Paris: Safe Space Invader
  13. Wau Wau Collectif: Yaral Sa Doom
  14. Madlib: Sound Ancestors
  15. Byard Lancaster: My Pure Joy
  16. Jazmine Sullivan: Heaux Tales
  17. Hamiet Blueitt: Bearer of the Holy Flame
  18. Omar Sosa: East African Journey
  19. Archie Shepp and Jason Moran: Let My People Go
  20. Joe Lovano, Marilyn Crispell, and Carmen Castaldi: Garden of Expression
  21. Yasmin Williams: Urban Driftwood
  22. Robert Miranda’s Home Music Ensemble: Live at The Bing
  23. Corey Ledet: Corey Ledet Zydeco
  24. Ensemble 0: Performs Julius Eastman’s Femenine
  25. Shem Tube, Justo Osala, Enos Okola: Guitar Music of Western Kenya
  26. Steve Earle: JT
  27. Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders: Promises
  28. Alton Gün: Yol
  29. Lukah: When the Black Hand Touches You
  30. Various Artists: Edo Funk Explosion, Volume 1

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