Apropos of Nothing, My Desert Island Top 10 (October 21st, 2018, Columbia, MO)

Since I am well-known to care more about the fading concept of albums  than most, I am often asked about my desert island Top 10. Usually, that’s a parlor game; these days, it sounds like an actual option. Just today, I found myself relating to the earliest founders of this democracy: is there anywhere I can move with like-minded folks to found a country girded by ideals, intellect, compassion, and creativity? Where I don’t have to watch a “leader” mocking the oppressed? I clearly chose the wrong presidential term to quit drinking. ANYWAY, here are 10 albums that always come up when the quick-grab-and-take-off query is proffered, not in any preferential order. I have nothing to say about them. If you click on the links, my attraction should be apparent to you.

Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys: The Tiffany Transcriptions, Volume Three–Basin Street Blues

Professor Longhair: Crawfish Fiesta

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited

The Velvet Underground

Eric B. and Rakim: Follow the Leader

The Flying Burrito Brothers: The Gilded Palace of Sin

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

Hank Williams, Sr.: The Original Singles Collection…Plus

Billie Holiday: Lady Day

Dead Moon: Echoes of the Past

There it is. Those will sustain me. The list might be different tomorrow. I am quite aware of glaring omissions (no Wolf? no Clash? no Aretha? no Satchmo? no…I could go on); also, it’s a crusty semi-old-timer’s list, indeed–I’d just argue time’s still in its chambers ruling on more recent stuff, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing, My Desert Island Top 10 (October 21st, 2018, Columbia, MO)

  1. Very interesting and will require a ponder. And no, I wouldn’t lie. You know I’m not that kind of guy. Sounds like you will found a good country. Think I might play some Bobby Bland. You didn’t really quit drinking, did you?

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