Road Riffin’ (June 18th, 2018, Highways 62, 37, I-44, 5, 54, 63, 70)

On our way up Arkansas 62 to Missouri 37, trying to figure out what Carter Family tune purloined the melody from Dick Justice’s “Henry Lee”:


Roaring up I-44, trying to keep Nicole awake, I sprung something on her that she’d gotten a few seconds’ earful of Saturday. I am not unerring in matching new stuff with her very refined taste:

Response: “My face hurts!”

Staying revved on MO-5, -54, -63, and I-70, with iced tea, Redmon’s candy, and selections from such illustrious releases as Wanna Buy A Bridge?, 1977 Roxy London Live, Dangerhouse Complete Singles, The Best Punk Rock Album in the World Ever, and Rhino’s D.I.Y. series–a yell-along, slap-yer-dashboard, punk-rock party:

Short-shrift Division:

Exit Through the (Crystal Bridges) Gift Shop…

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