The Way Up The Hill: Diary Playlist April 8-14

I’m launching a new feature on Sundays: a Spotify Playlist containing favorite tracks of the week. If in the case Spotify isn’t streaming the track or album in question, I’ll try to find excellent tracks from the artist’s other work to sub in. Such was the case this week with Tapper Zukie, JD Allen, and Sonny Criss. Also, weekly “awards”:

Plucked from History’s Dustbin (best recent purchase of an old record): Mississippi Blues Festival 86 

Grower, Not a Shower (old record I already owned that’s risen significantly in my esteem): Billy Bang and Frank Lowe–Above and Beyond

Encore, Encore (album I played at least twice this week): Fela–Best of Black President Volume 2

Through the Cracks (sweet record I forgot to write about): Tracey Thorn–Record

Coming Attractions (Sunday’s Children): John Prine–Tree of Forgiveness and Jinx Lennon–Grow a Pair

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