Rough Mix on the Fly (January 17, 2018, Columbia, Missouri)


Yesterday, I was back to work tutoring and trying to catch up on my reading (I shoot for 100 books a year, and as of yesterday morning I had not finished one). I listened to much music out of the corner of my ear, but I am too harried at present to connect it, so on days like these–to meet my goal of posting once a day, I am just going to list-and-one-liner.

CupcaKke (pictured above): Ephora – Featuring the first song I’ve heard in awhile that’s made me blush.

Lil’ Band of GoldCajun supergroup fronted by ebullient driving accordianist Steve Riley, with avant garde saxophonist (Dickie Landry) as secret weapon, calls out to benighted Texas Tornados fans.

Moor Mother: Fetish the Bones – Radical poet riding rap rhythms redolent in attack of, um, The Pop Group.

Pink Floyd: Relics – Out of the blue I’ve found a Pink Floyd album I really, really like, and it’s (glorious) patchwork.

Roswell Rudd: Embrace – What a nice album to leave us with before he stepped on a rainbow (here, sample a song)!

Archie Shepp: Attica Blues – Legendary–at least much-discussed–jazz (though often not jazZY) concept album not as angry and far more romantic than the title would suggest.


“You got your radio turned down too low–TURN IT UP!”

Bo Diddley





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