I Wish I Had a Jukebox… (January 4, 2018, Columbia, Missouri)

…for all these 45s. In fact, I buy them because I am counting on eventually owning one, even though there is no room in my house to put one, and we’re only going to scale down in the future. A man can dream.

Today, I blasted the seven-inches I bought in Louisiana, a state whose records stores stock local ones you can’t find anywhere else. I knew about none of them; I bought ‘em sound unheard and word unheard. And they were great!

Feufollet: a Cajun style “Baby’s on Fire” on the A, a Cajun style “Claire de Lune” on the B.

Planchettes: a strong, raw, four-song punk rock maxi-single by a band we unintentionally saw live in 2015 and which pleasingly reminded us (attitudinally $ of the New York Dolls. The title of the lead cut says it all: “Shackle Me Not.” See them or hear them if you get the chance.


79rs Gang: “Dead and Gone” / “Wrong Side of Town.” A triple-rarity: a team-up between 7th and 9th Ward Mardi Gras Indians, a Mardi Grad Indians 45, and two songs not based on traditional Indian chants. The Gang’s full-length record from about three years ago is great, too.

Danny Barker and His Creole Cats: Two hot-mastered reissues of the the first Mardi Gras Indian chants recorded as popular music (as opposed to “in the field.” From the mysterious but reliable Sinking City Records, they should be on every jukebox in the world. Try this one:

Short-shrift Division

Albert Ayler: Live in Copenhagen 1964

Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Christmas 

(Note: I wrote this all on a little smart phone just before I crashed, so I am really fucking trying!)

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