Structure, Please! Thank You. (June 6th, 2018, Columbia, MO)

I swear, I seem to require my whole day to be rigidly organized just so I will be forced to schedule a post, which, my regular readers (I might be able to field a basketball starting lineup) may remember, I have vowed to wrote every day. Also, the lazy unfolding of the teacher off-season day doesn’t seem to lend itself to narrative, either, so here’s another random blow-by-blow:

Morning Earworms

Why did I awaken with this in my ear…

…which then handed me off to this?

No, I wasn’t dreaming about TP–if I were gay or a woman I’d be more than happy to!–nor have I been knocked out of love commission. Nicole and I did have a splendid day (including a fart war), so maybe that was it.

Reading Accoutrement

I am love-love-loving Wu-Tang Clan member U-God’s memoir Raw, but I’d never checked his rap rekkids. I listened to his debut–he doesn’t have mad skillz, but he’s got heart, he goes light on the misogyny, he’s got production, and his persona matches the book (which you should read, too):


I take Pitchfork with a grain of salt, but I don’t have any other journalistic sources for electronic music, which they occasionally review if it’s somehow attention getting. I have loved a few of Music from Memory’s other releases, so I sampled this new Kuniyuki Takahashi comp. I’m rather ignorant about the genre, but I know what I like, and I like the moodiness, dynamics, and touches of Japanese folk music here; the vocals, not so much:

Afternoon Chill-Out and Reading Accompaniment

What better for focused, intense reading than the light, graceful, swinging and surprising musical steps of MJQ? And were they ever better live than here?